Shikon Hakaze

werewolf that is the only origional party member left


Fighter level 6 Nephilim level 2 ECL at this point is about 11

5’11” (6’4”) 220lbs (280)

Okay this character can transform between human and werewolf so the stat changes are in parenthesis for the shifted statistics

Nephilim is a custom class/race of my own design that gets different elemental abilities as they progress.

Str:18(20) Dex:18(22) Con:16(20) Int:13 Wis:15 Cha:15

HP:65(77) AC:18(20)

Fort:7(9) Ref:6(8) Will:3



Claws x2: bonus 10 damage 1d6+5 crit x2

Bite bonus 11 damage 1d8+5 crit x2

longsword bonus 7 damage 1d8+4 crit x2 (used when not transformed)

Chaotic Evil

Flat-footed AC:14

Special: Lycanthropy- dc 15 fort save on bite to avoid contracting lycanthropy

Trip: Trip attacks after a successful bite bypass attack of opportunity

Low Light vision

Feats: Blindfight, Scent, Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse(bite), Weapon Focus(bite), weapon focus(claw), power attack, cleave, multiattack


Shikon Hakaze

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