Evil Campaign-1

Massive Recapping
It takes us so long to get through the smallest things. (thats what she said)

The party began by being sent out for a minor mission by their sorcerer employer Blanch. Blanch is an evil sorcerer attempting to become powerful enough to overthrow the kingdom of Yettica, the current ruling body composed of a series of paladin orders who vote in a king from among their ranks, and rule his own magical kingdom. He has a long way to go but hopes to use the party as a means to his end. They were sent to the town of Exton to retrieve a small sample of a highly illegal magical substance known as Rog. They were sent to obtain it from a man named Shreff Trailhex who ran a trafficking shop in Exton. He revealed to the party that the Rog shipment had been attacked and that he no longer had it. However due to the vampire Spike’s inability to work well with others, Shreff alerted the watch as to what the party was up to. As a result the party was placed in prison for one night.

The party returned to Exton, only to find Shreff had closed up his shop and fled. Upon arriving at the location where the shipment had been ambushed, the party encountered the Formians. An antlike race devoted to order and colonization, they had begun building a new home near Exton. They had ambushed the shipment because their fierce devotion to order allowed the existence of no illegal trafficking. The party slayed several workers and a few guards, and began destroying the settlement when the Taskmaster, Izzklu, arrived. In a pitched battle, Izzklu revealed his mind controlling powers and managed to turn the party against each other. If not for the skill and sheer ferocity of the werewolf, Shikon Hakaze, the party would have been lost. He managed to singlehandedly strike down the Taskmaster, as well as combat his brainwashed allies. However before being defeated, Izzklu opened the mind of Spike to the queen as punishment for his gross treatment of his enemies during battle. He then left, swearing his own vendetta against the party. He has not been heard of since. During the battle he left behind the confiscated Rog, allowing the party to finally return to Blanch.

On the parties second adventure, Blanch tasked them with finding a demon who long ago had interfered with a magical ritual that would’ve rapidly accelerated Blanch’s rise to power. The party set out to the location given by Blanch, a cave located in the mountains. Along the way a mysterious shield golem calling itself “Robo-Cop” attacked the party. The encounter proved fierce, and the party barely managed to defeat the creature. Its full origins are still unknown. However the damage dealt to the players required them to return to Exton in order to heal. Spike attracted the attention of the watch after murdering a woman of negotiable affection, and as a result was forced to attempt to escape. During the escape from Exton, Spike was ambushed by a small number of soldiers. His aptitude at slaying and inspiring fear in his enemies almost allowed him to single handedly defeat his enemies. However in the end a cleric managed to figure out his undead nature, and using a searing light spell, knocked Spike out of the fight. His allies arrived just in time, and Alexander used his death magic to bring Spike back from the grave. During the ensuing battle, the priest attempted to stay Shikon by throwing a packet of wolfsbane at him. Bob used his superior reflexes to fire an arrow that pierced the bag before it could reach Shikon and continue on its path to strike the priest straight through him. Upon seeing the dark forces allied against him, and his own compatriots slain, the soldier Nolan became imbued with the spirit of vengeance. Ripping out his own eye to prove his devotion to his god, St. Cuthbert, Nolan challenged and defeated Alexander in a battle of faith. The duel resulted in Nerull and St. Cuthbert entering a now open state of hostilities with each other, as well as Alexander’s realization that his faith had grown weak. However Nolan was forced to flee after staying Alexander’s allies, and has begun recruiting his own order of paladins. The kingdom of Yettica, governing body of the land of Pasinge, does not approve of his single minded devotion towards vengeance, and has declared open admission to his order illegal. Nolan continues to operate secretly.

After the escape the party regrouped in the forest to speak with Blanch about their next step. The ranger, Bob, had used his spider companion to trap several travelers along the road. Among them was an old man that the werewolf ruthlessly beat to death with his own leg, and a woman that became enraptured with Bob. He took her back to Blanch’s tower, where she now serves as Bob’s intimate partner. Marital relations have yet to be established, but Bob says he will let Spike eat her if she becomes heavy with child. Furthermore Blanch enchanted the party so that they had new identities and would be able to return to Exton openly.

The party continued their journey to the cave unmolested. Upon arriving at the cave the party triggered the magical alarm set in at the entrance. As a result they were forced to fight a small smattering of the caves inhabitants, which appeared to be orcs, satyrs, and an ogre. They triumphed easily, but when encountering a fork in the cave chose to follow a set of mysteriously unreadable runes. The runes were a trap that led them into a pool of sharks, where a group of satyrs then began firing down upon the party. Alexander’s heavy armor prevented him from taking action while he struggled to keep his head above water. The sharks found him easy prey, but were quickly made short work of by the combined efforts of Shikon and Spike. Bob used his spider’s webs to climb out of the water and help rescue his party from drowning, but was halted in his efforts when one of the satyrs pulled out a set of magical pipes. The satyr played a tune that casted a charm person spell on Bob, then convinced him to begin shooting at his own allies. If not for the timely slaying of the satyr by the party, it is unlikely that the party would have made it out of the trap.

Their journey in the cave had only just begun. After crawling out of the water and stepping into the cave, the party encounted a small satyr/ogre task force sent to investigate the tripping of the alarm. Spike revealed his true bloodthirsty potential when he surprised the ogre from behind and cleaved it in half. The remaining soldiers were made short work of, allowing the party to continue onward. Upon reaching the fork in the cave they encountered the powerful mercenary leader Grox. A half orc raised in the conflicted lands of the Iole Desert, Grox had slayed his way to a position of power among a ferocious group of mercenaries. He has lent his service to the sorcerer Lasham for reasons unknown. The party witnessed him mounted upon a nightmare steed, followed by two displacer beasts. He confronted the party about their presence in his cave, and thanks to Spike’s confusing form of dialogue, he decided it would be best to capture the party rather than slay them outright. He raised his enchanted axe, known as Bagliore, and called forth two earth elementals from the cave surrounding them. The party was then surprised by a group of three satyrs who had managed to sneak up behind them during their conversation with Grox. Though outnumbered and wounded, the party readied themselves and charged into battle. Spike lept forward and cut deep into the soil and rock of an elemental, while Bob and Alexander targeted the displacer beasts. Shikon began ripping into another earth elemental, when Grox charged into the fray. His steed blew a powerful cloud of smoke that obscured Spike’s vision, rendering him unable to dodge the deadly swing of Bagliore. The axe tore through the vampire with ease, charring his flesh as it ripped into his chest. Spike dropped to the ground barely maintaining consciousness, leaving Shikon to deal with the powerful orc.

Meanwhile Alexander was handling the displacer beast with moderate success. Bob dispatched of an earth elemental with ease, while the satyrs unsuccessfully attempted to charm the party. Shikon crunched the final elemental’s rocky head between his teeth and uttered a low growl at the demonic duo before him. Shikon managed to brace himself for the blows of the rider and steed, and using the sheer ferocity inherent in his blood, tore Grox from his saddle and set upon him like an animal. Alexander and Bob had managed to defeat one of the displacer beasts when Alexander realized the danger his ally was in, and lept forward to defend him. While Alexander contended with the flaming steed, Grox managed to get up to face Shikon head on. Blood pumping through his veins, memories of his dread upbringing flooding his vision, Grox allowed his fury to overtake him. Confident now in the throes of rage, he stepped forward to finish off the werewolf once and for all. Tragically, the mercenary had completely underestimated the skill of the warrior before him. Shikon easily evaded the blows from the barbarian, and dispatched him with a ripping of his teeth and a shredding from his claw. Grox of the Iole Desert tribes collapsed barely breathing to the ground. Upon seeing its master fall, the nightmare steed flew into a passionate fury of its own and quickly defeated and tossed aside the death knight. Bob had finished dealing with the other displacer beast and lept in to help, but fell easy prey to the power inherent in the demon horse. Shikon, bleeding and exhausted from his battle, attempted to defeat the steed but quickly realized its power was too great. Putting to use his human intellect, he grabbed Grox and threatened to slay him unless his demands were met. The satyrs and nightmare agreed to parley and allowed Shikon to heal slightly. However the enchantment Lasham had placed on the satyrs to force them in aiding his enterprise failed shortly after Grox was knocked unconscious. They healed Shikon as best were able, and by sacrificing their own lives, gave him the time he needed to refresh himself. Calling upon the last of his reserves of strength, Shikon destroyed the nightmare beast and saved the party from death. Grox committed suicide shortly after lying to Shikon about the purpose of the cave, leaving behind his axe. After Shikon revived the party, Alexander took up Bagliore without any idea of its true strength. Storing it in his pack, the death knight never had the slightest idea the weapon would unlock within him the power he craved. The weary party marched onward, knowing the final confrontation with the demon Blanch wanted, Rakwei, was close.

The party consumed the majority of their stock of healing potions and continued into the cave. They encountered a mysterious blue door with this riddle written across in infernal. “The following sentence is false. The previous sentence is true. Which sentence is true?” The party chose the first sentence, only to be tricked into setting off a trap of poison gas magically linked into the door. Both Shikon and Bob were infected with a strength draining disease, making Bob unable to use his bow. Two doors nearby revealed the soldier’s quarters, as well as some treasure and a magical shield. Having explored the entire cave, the party opened the final door in front of them. Shrouded in darkness, the party was barely able to make out the shape of a kyoton, a chain demon, in front of them. Rakwei of the Infernal Dimensions cackled before the adventurers.

Before a conversation even began, Spike rushed into combat. His vampire senses enabled him to see into the dark, and he lashed out at Rakwei. Unfortunately this was exactly what the chain demon wanted. Taking the blow from Spike’s katana, Rakwei slid his chains up onto the sword and bound Spike’s arms in his grasp. Spike attempted to pull away, but wasn’t strong enough to overcome the power of the demonic chains. Bob grabbed a torch and threw it into the room, enabling Alexander to see where Rakwei stood. He charged to the side of his companion and lashed out at the demon with his sword, while Shikon entered the room cautiously, prepared to charge the demon as well. Rakwei slid his chains up Spike’s legs and immobilized the vampire. It was clear he was about to use the chain demon’s natural powers to completely sever the limbs of the vampire. However before the party had time to save Spike, Lasham stepped out from his hiding place in a nearby rock. Master of the cave and clearly allied with Rakwei in some fashion, the wizard used his magical powers to augment his battle cry. “I am LASHAM! SHAZAM!” the wizard bellowed. “Prepare to face my WRATH!” His cries reverberated throughout the small room, and the shout spell he had cast slammed Shikon, Spike, and Alexander with powerful results. Both Spike and Alexander were temporarily deafened, and it was clear that they had sustained fair damage. Spike turned into a swarm of bats and flew out of the grasp of the chains of Rakwei, while Alexander continued his attack on the chain demon. Unfortunately for Lasham, Shikon was in no mood for games, and tore into the sorcerer’s arm and threw him to the ground. Bob hung back, aware of his overall uselessness without his bow. Rakwei however countered Alexander by wrapping him up in his chains. Drawing upon a secret spell, he drained the very magical energy of Alexander’s blade and transferred the enchantments to his chains. Meanwhile Lasham bound Shikon with a hold monster spell, preventing the werewolf from finishing him off. Spike took advantage of the wizard’s distraction and bit deeply into his neck. Lasham had already been heavily weakened by the ferocity of Shikon’s assault, and the last of his life bled out from his veins into the hungry vampire. Bob quickly looted the corpse of the mage and withdrew two minor magical potions, useless in the current battle. Alexander, still wrapped in the demon’s chains, drew upon the strength of his will and heaved them apart. Realizing his sword was now worthless, Alexander drew the axe Bagliore from his back and swore that the demon would suffer. Shikon lept to Alexander’s sides, but was unable to dodge the demon’s chains, which quickly bound him up as well. Seeing his companion trapped and in danger, Alexander raised the enchanted axe and screamed out his anger. Before his companion’s shocked and unbelieving eyes he swung the axe with such skill and force, it penetrated the demon’s natural chain armor and left a gashing gaping wound in Rakwei’s chest. Using the momentum from the swing, the death knight swung the back of the axe and cleaved through the chains holding Shikon. Not only had he freed his companion, but his attacks had severely limited the power of the demon’s chains. Freed and roaring with frustration, Shikon dispatched of the demon, knocking him unconscious in order to leave his fate up to Blanch. The mission was at long last complete.

Upon searching the room, the party found a valuable artifact to sell, as well as a mysterious unreadable message. They took the captured demon back to Blanch along with the message for further information. Blanch read the note over and then interrogated the demon. After a week, the kyoton finally surrendered his knowledge over to the mage, who was quick to task the party with a new mission. It seemed mysterious agents had infiltrated ten different villages in the kingdom of Yettica. They were after magical items of unknown origin for reasons yet to be discovered. The party agreed to head out and obtain the items for Blanch, as well as use the time to turn the villages into Blanch’s service. However, after leaving Blanch’s tower, the party agreed that their master no longer served them any purpose. They would force the villages to swear allegiance to only the party itself. The newly purposed adventurers headed out in the direction of Niktu, the town infamous for the refuge it offered to bandits and necromancers. The long journey to take over the world had begun in earnest.

Niktu, a stain on the face of holy Yettica. The paladins of the Council had realized evil would exist in some form until such time as the essence of evil could be dispatched. Thus it would be better to confine an element of evil and let it flourish by virtue of unacknowledged inferiority. As long as Niktu’s inhabitants kept their heads down, they would be allowed to carry on in the way they were accustomed. As a result a government, loose though it was, had formed in Niktu. Zadian was a powerful necromancer who allied with the bandit lord Hind in order to prevent the criminal populace from arousing the wrath of Yettica. Together they had formed the thieves Cult of the Reanimated Blade. The rogues in Hind’s employ acted as official guards of the businesses of Niktu, while Zadian ensured that examples were made of those who disagreed with the new order of things. Currently no one in Niktu dreams of disrupting the balance of power…except for one.

The party entered Niktu without problem. They were unaware of Niktu’s unofficial custom of secretly tailing visitors until their real mission had been discovered. In the Sunshine taven, the group encountered the babau Barata. He told them he was attempting to acquire an ancient and otherwise useless dagger which currently hung around the neck of Zadian. The party appeared intrigued, and so Barata suggested they meet him in the forests outside of Niktu at twilight. He then left the bar without incident. Meanwhile Spike and Bob met with an apparent con man. He led them to believe he had information concerning Zadian, and they agreed to pay him for the information. He explained that a new organization had recently become discontent with Zadian’s rule. A meeting would be present at the back of the Sunshine inn. After telling the duo the password, the conman jumped into a nearby open grave and disappeared.

Alexander went exploring into the town and found a paladin trapped in the stockades. Zadian had arrested the paladin for attempting to interfere with the less than acceptable business practices of Niktu, and was going to decide his fate within three days time. Alexander attempted to converse with the paladin, only to have the guard push him away. The paladin informed Alexander that he would be willing to offer his services to the death knight if they found a way to free him. After meeting back at the inn, the adventurers decided to split up. Bob and Spike would meet with the rebels, while Shikon and Alexander would meet up with Barata. Night came quickly, and the group set out from the inn.

Bob and Spike knocked on the shed and whispered the password in between the cracks in the door. It opened to reveal a man backed up by three elves. He stared intently at the two before him, a lock of blonde hair drooping across his intrigued expression. Emerald eyes glinting, he informed the party that they were already being followed by members of the Reanimated Blade, and would be arrested in a few moments for consorting with rebels. Spike and Bob quickly agreed to follow the man, named Kail, to a safer place. Kicking down the door the three elves fled in different directions, Kail ordered the adventurers to follow one of the elves while Kail and his guards distracted the watch. Spike and Bob ran quickly after the elf, leaping over tombstones and fences only to drop in an open grave. The ground underneath vanished to reveal a sliding tunnel that led the duo into a massive cavern. They stared out at a crowd of over twenty humans and elves gathered around a throne seating Kail. His head rested lazily on his hand and he smiled at the adventurers. He raised his other finger and pointed behind Spike. The vampire turned to see a small group of Niktu’s guards had followed him down the tunnel. To his amusement, skeletal hands arose from the ground and pulled the startled guards into the dirt. As the friction of the soil began to tear away at their faces, ripping their skin off in tears, the guards screamed in agony. After a few agonizing moments below the soil, silence drifted into the cave and Kail applauded himself. “Come.”,he said to the pair, “Come with me as I tell you more of my organization, the Scarlet Remedy.”

Meanwhile Shikon and Alexander had reached the forest without any trouble. After a small period of time, Barata stepped into the clearing to join them. He explained the terms of the deal; help him infiltrate the manor the following night to obtain the dagger, and he would allow them to have any treasure they would find in addition to 2000g apiece. Furthermore he would disable the magical wards he knew to be protecting the house. The duo discussed it briefly but quickly decided in favor of the offer. Barata then disappeared into the night, leaving the pair to return to Niktu. However, on their way back into the city, two members of the Scarlet Remedy stopped them on the road. Explaining where they came from and that the party was now wanted in Niktu, Alexander and Shikon decided to follow them back to Kail’s headquarters. A small group of watchmen from Niktu ambushed the unsuspecting group on their way, catching the entire party off guard. One of the Scarlet Remedy members was crippled in the leg, but used his magic to create a distraction for the other three. While the others escaped, the fallen member was captured and taken back for interrogation. His fate remains unknown.

At that point, all four members of the party resided with Kail. He had informed Spike of the possibility of awakening his true potential by drinking the blood of a relative. Furthermore he had promised the party an alliance if they can help him overthrow Zadian and obtain his library of necromancy for Kail’s study. The party had already decided to feign an agreement with Barata, but betray him and take the dagger for their own when the time comes. Kail informed them that the paladin in the town might have an idea of the layout of the mansion, which could prove invaluable to their efforts. As a result the party decided to begin the day by rescuing the paladin.

The party set out to Niktu to try to free the paladin from the clutches of the city watch. Though they originally intended to sneak the paladin out with minimal bloodshed, this proved to be far beyond the party’s capability. Through a series of bloody events, stabbings, and more than a bit of blood drinking, the entire city watch was alerted to the attempted break out. The city gates began to close to keep the party trapped, and all hell broke loose. Alexander broke the paladin from his bonds and began carrying him to a nearby shanty set up near the city wall to try to throw him over, while Bob, after failing to run through the closing gate, took on a series of guards attempting to slay him. Spike, surrounded by the town watch, entered into ferocious melee with the defenders, while Shikon ran for the shanty as well. As the small battle waged on, with the party attempting a rather desperate escape, two sorcerers previously appointed by Zadian to watch over Niktu, Zid and Zan, chose this moment to betray their master and unleash the nastiest plague of undeath cooked up in ages. Giggling with sadistic glee, the crackpot duo sent forth a green cloud of poison and disease that engulfed every living creature in Niktu and morphed them into servile carnivorous zombies, dead set on consuming the flesh of the living. As the cloud swept closer to the party, Shikon decided to screw the rules, and vaulted himself over the city walls. He then shifted to wolf shape and ran for his forsaken life. Bob made a run for the shanty and began climbing up, while Alexander heaved and pushed his paladin friend up the small buildings. Spike, realizing that his life was perhaps in even more danger than before, shifted into a swarm of bats in an attempt to shield his companions from the wandering zombies. Bob managed to make it over the wall without too much difficulty, but the tragic story of Alexander’s desperate struggle against his own inner weakness, as well as the paladin’s amazingly powerful resistance to poison, happens to be the stuff of legends. Spike flew away and resumed human form outside the city walls to meet with Bob. The team then split off into different directions, leaving Alexander alone with his paladin buddy. As zombies crawled over the walls to eat the flesh and brains of the unlucky pair, Alexander finally found the strength to push the paladin up over the wall, and the two dropped forty feet to the ground, sustaining minor injuries. Eventually, the other members of the party found their way back to Kael long before Alexander, and Spike reported Alexander as dead.

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